DragonFly net should be stable now

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Tue Feb 12 20:12:41 PST 2013

    Ok, the net should be stable now and it looks like the new
    DNS has propagated.  We also got Avalon (which physically sits in the
    old colo) bridged onto the new IP block at the new colo so we could
    give it an IP in the new block.

    There were some other issues.

    * TSO (already posted to users@) was interfering with the bridges.
      This was causing downloads from avalon to run extremely slowly,
      but amazingly didn't stop them alltogether.  Downloads should now
      be running at full speed.

    * There was a bug in the if_tap code for TAP units >= 4.  Manually
      created interfaces were being auto-destroyed on close when they
      should not have been.  This was causing one of the redundant VPN links
      to drop permanently, causing increased latency to leaf.dragonflybsd.org.

    * A bug in the new libssl blew up the openvpn binaries.  That took down
      the whole net for a few hours today after the machines were upgraded

    * Misc rules breakages in PF were preventing packets from crossing
      both bridges (e.g. leaf<->avalon or crater<->avalon).  Now fixed.


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