routing is messed up by reassignment of address

Pierre Abbat phma at
Tue Dec 3 10:25:46 PST 2013

On Saturday, November 30, 2013 23:28:56 Pierre Abbat wrote:
> A couple of days ago my connection went down for unknown reasons. I picked
> up the satellite modem, of which one light was dark; it rebooted itself and
> I got a new range of addresses on both IPv4 and IPv6. I was able to ssh
> into zyxomma, but I could not ping anything outside this room on 4 or 6. I
> tried restarting netif, but that didn't fix it. I finally rebooted and had
> to manually change the default route in IPv6 (it was pointing to em1, which
> is the LAN side but has nothing connected), and had to do a traceroute on
> the laptop to find the next hop.

It happened again. The connection went down, then came back up, went down, and 
came back up again. I see two problems:
1. It has an IPv4 address, which is correct according to what the laptop has, 
but refuses to allow any packets in or out on IPv4. Running tcpdump shows, 
though, that it can read IPv4 packets sent by the other hosts on the network. 
Reloading /etc/pf.conf does not fix this.
2. The IPv6 gateway is fe80:*, which is wrong. However, the route to the 
laptop is correct.

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Routing tables

Destination        Gateway            Flags    Refs      Use  Netif Expire
default        UGSc        1        8    em0   link#1             UC          1        0    em0      00:80:ae:25:61:ce  UHLW        3      455    em0   1173          UH          0       27    lo0       
192.168.7          link#2             UC          0        0    em1       

Destination                       Gateway                       Flags      Netif Expire
::/96                             ::1                           UGRSc       lo0        =>
default                           fe80::280:aeff:fe25:61ce%em0  UGc         em0       
::1                               ::1                           UH          lo0       
::ffff:                 ::1                           UGRSc       lo0       
2001:470:7:42::1                  2001:470:7:42::2              UH         gif0       
2001:470:7:42::2                  link#9                        UHL         lo0       
2001:470:8:42::/64                link#2                        UC          em1       
2001:470:8:42::2                  00:22:4d:84:bb:20             UHL         lo0       
2001:5b0:2144:5430::/64           link#1                        UC          em0       
2001:5b0:2144:5430:222:4dff:fe84:bb1d 00:22:4d:84:bb:1d             UHL         lo0       
2001:5b0:2144:5430:226:9eff:fec5:d505 00:26:9e:c5:d5:05             UHLW        em0       
fd0d:edc3:e12a::/64               link#1                        UC          em0       
fd0d:edc3:e12a:0:222:4dff:fe84:bb1d 00:22:4d:84:bb:1d             UHL         lo0       
fe80::/10                         ::1                           UGRSc       lo0       
fe80::%em0/64                     link#1                        UC          em0       
fe80::222:4dff:fe84:bb1d%em0      00:22:4d:84:bb:1d             UHL         lo0       
fe80::226:9eff:fec5:d505%em0      00:26:9e:c5:d5:05             UHLW        em0       
fe80::280:aeff:fe25:61ce%em0      00:80:ae:25:61:ce             UHLW        em0       
fe80::4e72:b9ff:fe7b:8dbf%em0     4c:72:b9:7b:8d:bf             UHLW        em0       
fe80::%em1/64                     link#2                        UC          em1       
fe80::222:4dff:fe84:bb20%em1      00:22:4d:84:bb:20             UHL         lo0       
fe80::%lo0/64                     fe80::1%lo0                   Uc          lo0       
fe80::1%lo0                       link#6                        UHL         lo0       
fe80::%gif0/64                    link#9                        UC         gif0       
fe80::222:4dff:fe84:bb1d%gif0     link#9                        UHL         lo0       
ff01::/32                         ::1                           U           lo0       
ff02::/16                         ::1                           UGRS        lo0       
ff02::%em0/32                     link#1                        UC          em0       
ff02::%em1/32                     link#2                        UC          em1       
ff02::%lo0/32                     ::1                           UC          lo0       
ff02::%gif0/32                    link#9                        UC         gif0       

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