BXR.SU, Super User's BSD Cross Reference w/ OpenGrok, publicly private beta

Constantine Aleksandrovich Murenin C++ at Cns.SU
Thu Apr 4 11:41:17 PDT 2013

On 4 April 2013 05:11, John Marino <dragonflybsd at marino.st> wrote:
> On 4/1/2013 10:41, Constantine Aleksandrovich Murenin wrote:
>> As an IPv6-only site, we hereby declare that 2013-04-04 is an IPv4 day.
>> On April 4, we will temporarily enable IPv4 connectivity, for one day,
>> to test the water. (We've heard that IPv4 has some connectivity issues
>> related to NAT, double-NAT, carrier-grade NAT and NAT64, and some small
>> percentage of users (but significant in absolute terms) might not be
>> able to access the site if an A record is published, due to the
>> plentiful of misconfigurations out there; so, we want to take things
>> slow, and ensure our users don't suffer from any inferior connectivity.)
> Thanks for putting this together, Constantine.  This looks really nice!

Thank you, a site like this is what I always wanted for my own use.

> The DNS has not resolved for me yet, so for others, put "
> bxr.su" in your /etc/hosts file if you have the same problem.  His web
> server can't find the page if you put the IP address in directly to your
> browser, it's looking for "bxr.su" I suppose.

Please don't give such misleading and misinformed advice:  you're
putting both my domain at risk for a future XSS-attack (or maybe even
undelivered mail), or, at the very least, some very weird
troubleshooting months away down the line, when suddenly some people
will be reporting that bxr.su doesn't work for them anymore, should an
IP-address change (and it certainly will, maybe even in the next week
or so), and when they'll have no recollection whatsoever that they've
modified their /etc/hosts in the past.

As per the announced release schedule, IPv4 glue records for the
domain will be published on 2013-04-24, so, only those resolvers that
have IPv6 connectivity can resolve the name until then.  However,
there were already plenty of IPv4 visitors today, since many ISPs
already run resolvers that are dual-stacked.

A better solution, if the name is still not resolving for you today,
2013-04-04 (well past midnight GMT), and an IPv6 tunnel is somehow not
an option, but access to bxr.su is just so important, is to switch to
a resolver that supports resolutions of IPv6-only domains.

Google Public DNS at works just fine; T-Mobile USA IPv4-only
phones work fine, too; ordns.he.net is always great; cox.net IPv4
resolvers I've tried today work, too; AT&T U-verse should most likely
work, too (they even have 6rd for all users); probably most IPv4-only
resolvers of most ISPs that already have at least partial IPv6
deployments for end-users will work just fine, too.

I would kindly ask everyone to not hardcode any IP-addresses for
bxr.su into /etc/hosts.  This is completely not supported and is
entirely against the spirit of the casual IPv6-readiness testing that
the release schedule is about.  If you can't wait 20 more days, just
get a tunnel, they're free and pretty damn fast, and are oftentimes
much more reliable than a half-baked native IPv4 and IPv6 support of
some ISPs.

Best regards,

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