AMD automount not working

william opensource4you william.os4y at
Mon Apr 22 23:57:38 PDT 2013

I all,

I'm trying to have amd (automounter) running on my DF system to mount
nfs folders served by freenas.

I'm using amd, but maybe an another tool is better for that ?

2 concerns:

amd_flags="-a /.amd_mnt -l syslog /net /etc/ "
Any samples, tips/tricks are welcome.

Mounting manually works great, but via amd I receive an error like:
" nfs server pid474 at dfly:/net: not responding"
Which sounds strange because I can mount it via the mount command.

My is:
# $FreeBSD: src/etc/,v 1.8 1999/09/13 17:09:07 peter Exp $
# $DragonFly: src/etc/,v 1.2 2003/06/17 04:24:45 dillon Exp $
/defaults       opts:=rw;type:=nfs
share            rhost:=nas;rfs:=/mnt/vol1/share

My rc.conf is:
amd_flags="-a /.amd_mnt -l syslog /net /etc/ "

(/.amd_mnt and /net are existing)


By doing "amq -v", I have:Copyright (c) 1997-1999 Erez Zadok
Copyright (c) 1990 Jan-Simon Pendry
Copyright (c) 1990 Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine
Copyright (c) 1990 The Regents of the University of California.
am-utils version 6.0.3s1 (build 300304).
Built by root at on date Mon Apr  1 18:34:54 UTC 2013.
cpu=i386 (little-endian), arch=i386, karch=i386.
full_os=dragonfly3.3-DEVELOPMENT, os=dragonfly3,
osver=3.3-DEVELOPMENT, vendor=unknown.
Map support for: root, passwd, union, nis, ndbm, file, error.
AMFS: nfs, link, nfsx, nfsl, host, linkx, program, union, inherit, ufs,
      lofs, cdfs, pcfs, auto, direct, toplvl, error.
FS: cd9660, lofs, mfs, nfs, nfs3, null, msdos, ufs, union.
Network: wire="" (netnumber=192.168.1).

So an another question is why using version 6.0.3 ?
Laststable version is 6.1.5

Even Freebsd is using that last

maybe a nfs version conflicts with freenas ?

many thanks

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