dports > 19500, fail logs available

John Marino dragonflybsd at marino.st
Wed Apr 3 02:03:30 PDT 2013

The number of ports that build on DragonFly is greater than 19,500 as of 
today.  Since the dports project started 4 months ago, around 100 ports 
no longer build due to changes in the base system (like flex update) or 
ports themselves (e.g. glib2 update).  These ports will eventually be 
fixed or removed.

There have been too many additions to say what's been added since the 
last update, it's best just to check.  However, I can tell you what is 
not building and why:


This is fairly recent information.  You can view the build logs of ports 
that were attempted but failed, as well as see why ports were skipped or 

The fastest way to get a port into dports is make a patch and tell us 
about it at:


I am currently not pursuing any i386-only ports, nor any Linux ports 
(which are i386-only on DragonFly).  I'm concentrating on ports that 
should build on both platforms.  These i386-only ports account for a big 
chunk of the ports that don't build here.


P.S. As far as desktop environments go, XFCE 4.10, KDE 4.9.5, and KDE 
3.5.10 are in good shape.  Gnome2 is in bad shape and could use help. 
(Read: no help = no gnome2).  Enlightenment-17 is being blocked by edje 
malfunction that I haven't been able to solve.  KDE 4.10 is now on ports 
and I'm going to start building it for the DragonFly 3.4 release. 
KDE-4.9.5 shutdown won't work because polkit is failing with an assert ( 
https://github.com/jrmarino/DPorts/issues/26 ) so we would appreciate 
any help solving that.

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