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This is a small HowTo,  I've first made for myself, but, I think, could be
useful for others too. Specialy those willing to have a windowing
Please note that this howto is minimalist.

Summary: This small howto will explain how to install Xfce4, firefox, ...
with the help of Dports.
Within less than 1 hour you will be able to surf internet and even watch (via html5), play videos, ... with your prefered OS

You must have a DragonFlyBSD 3.4 (as on April 2013).
We will use the Dports features to perform it (no pkgsrc here).
We will not use hald

1. DragonFlyBsd Installation:
Here, just perform a standard installation:

In short, what I like to do is:
1 Burn DragonFlyBSD-3.4.1 on a CD or DVD.
2 Prepare a primary slice for DragonFly on one of your disk
3 Boot from the CD or DVD and select the correct keyboard in "Live CD
  Select the correct disk and slice, format it and install DragonFly on it
4 Personnally, I skip the MBR installation since I have already one.
5 Configure your installation: set root passwd, set hostname, set keyboard,
set network interface with dhcp, set timezone
6 Reboot
7 create your userid: *adduser* and put it in "wheel" and "operator" groups.

2. Start Dports
- *mv /usr/pkg /usr/pkg_old* (despite not recommended by John Marino)
- create or edit /usr/local/etc/pkg.conf with your preferred mirrors (cfr
- *pkg update*

3. Software Installation:
- *pkg install xorg*
- *X -configure*
- *cp /root/ /etc/X11/xorg.conf*
- customize /etc/X11/xorg.conf:
   in section "InputDevice", add:
      Option      "XkbLayout" "be" #depends on the keyboard layout
   in section "Files", add:
      FontPath     "/usr/local/lib/X11/fonts/bitstream-vera/"
   in section "Modukles", add:
      Load  "freetype"
- *pkg install xfce*
- *pkg install midori* #a very good browser
- add snd_hda_load="YES" in /boot/loader.conf   #to activate the sound
- *pkg install smplayer* #very good video player
- *pkg install firefox-20.0,1* (name it fully because just putting
"firefox" create conflict with firefox-17)
#with firefox you'll be able to play HTML5 youtube videos

4. Customisations

4.1 To havethe Xfce4 shutdown and reboot buttons
- *pkg install sudo*
- *visudo* and append: "%wheel ALL =
- log out/login

4.2 For automatic lauch of xfce4
- *pkg install zsh* #since I'm using zsh as main shell for my user:
- login with your userid
- *chsh* and put /usr/local/bin/zsh as Shell
- create or add in ~.zprofile:
[[ -z $DISPLAY && $TTY = "/dev/ttyv0" ]] && exec startxfce4
- logout/login in the 1st terminal window, Xfce4 will start immediately

Have fun
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