modifying nullfs

Raimundo Santos raitech at
Fri Sep 7 07:55:36 PDT 2012

On 7 September 2012 10:26, sad at <sad at> wrote:
> hello, all
> i can not figure out how to extend null_layer with new vop hadlers.
> it already intercepts several operations, but i wish to intercept some more, say vop_read and vop_write.. how to?

hello again!

I am not an expert nor have the entire knowledge for mastering the
dubject, but have you looked at VFS(9), VFS_SET(9) man pages? Could
you post the code you are working on?

Sascha, the man page VFS(9) do not recommends to 'SEE ALSO' VFS_SET(9).

Raimundo A. P. Santos
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