Top ten interesting broken packages (Volunteers?)

Jelle Hermsen jelle at
Mon Sep 10 15:24:55 PDT 2012

Combining Chris' patches with mine seemed to fix Racket 5.3. I still 
have to do some thorough testing to see if everything works as it 
should. You can get the latest version here:


On 08/30/2012 02:29 AM, Chris Turner wrote:
> Hello
> On 08/28/12 07:30, Jelle Hermsen wrote:
> > Great, does it also install well? I managed to get racket to
> > "bmake build" fine, but when I "bmake install" it throws up errors
> > during the compilation of the documentation. I did get racket-textual
> > to build and install well on df32, and it runs fine. I haven't tried
> > df64 yet. However, having Racket with a working GUI would be much
> > better of course!
> > I would love to see Larcency in pkgsrc too.
> On further investigation, my build was racket-5.2 from my last round
> of pkgsrc builds (~approx 1/2012 pkgsrc tree), and not the latest 5.3
> Indeed the graphical 5.2 version did build completely, including
> documents, packaging, etc - I've put my (patched) pkgsrc lang/racket
> subtree in:
> in case any of the patches might be of assistance
> and am currently uploading the actual package to the same directory
> As for 5.3, I'll be working on another round of local-bulks in the coming
> weeks, so if you don't manage to get it sorted out by then, I'll review
> and take a crack at the 5.3 version whenever I get to that.
> If you're itching for a copy of my larceny build or notes let me
> know and I can post those for the time being.
> In other scheme porting misc, there is a patch in ypsilon bugs
> for DF support (#150), and chibi scheme now has DF support
> as well (bug #122)
> Also hope to get these all pkgsrcified eventually as well.
> Cheers,
> - Chris

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