DragonFly GNOME and KDE4 meta packages

Chris Turner c.turner at 199technologies.com
Mon Oct 22 19:53:59 PDT 2012

On 10/22/12 14:49, Mehmet Erol Sanliturk wrote:

>         The following points are very important :
>         (1) K3b-2.0.*.tgz is important for backup requirements

The 'xcdroast' program just built for me - thats as far as I went
with it so it may still have runtime issues  - I typically just
use mkisofs & cdrecord manually - but it might be worth some

>         (2) kde 4 is able to save the session on shutdown and
>               then restore it on new login

xsm(1) is the grandaddy of all of these - the problem is that most
programs aren't session aware. I dont use KDE but my understanding
is that kde applications are more session aware than others, so
these work better.

my windowmaker saves a x session, but again, most of the apps I'm
using aren't very session aware, so usually this just means a flood
of useless windows that I close :D

>         (3) Auto-mount of removable devices>

Good luck on this one - unfortunately though I can understand the
convenience, co I don't think it's so much of a priority for anyone
at present - though more people working on user experience kinds
of things would probably be a good thing.

As a workaround, I've found 1 line shell scripts in a directory in my
path ( $HOME/local/bin ) and connecting these to menu tasks to be very
helpful - for example:

$ <determine out some obscure command>
$ echo hey that was great
$ echo some obscure command > ~/local/bin/desription-of-command
$ chmod +x ~/local/bin/desription-of-command
$ echo now clicky-click setup a menu option in window manager \
   that calls ~/local/bin/desription-of-command

And bam, 10 seconds later, you never have to remember the command
again, have it graphically available in a menu, and it is
documented in the script for later reference.

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