Root mount failed:5

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Wed Oct 10 21:53:36 PDT 2012

:I am running
: DragonFly v3.1.0.1539.g921c8-DEVELOPMENT #3: Thu Sep 13 15:16:08 IST 2012
:Today I suddenly started getting
:HAMMER(ROOT) recovery check seqno=51ead240
:HAMMER(ROOT) recovery range 3000000037c84d58-3000000037c917e8
:HAMMER(ROOT) recovery nexto 3000000037c917e8 endsqqno=51ead3a9
:HAMMER(ROOT) recovery undo 3000000037c84d58-3000000037c917e8 (51856 bytes)
:HAMMER(ROOT) Found REDO_SYNC 3000000037c8e000
:HAMMER(ROOT) Ignoring extra REDO_SYNC records in UNDO/REDO FIFO
:HAMMER(ROOT) recovery complete
:Root mount failed: 5
:manually mounting using hammer:ad6s1d
:gives the same message and error.
:How do I trouble shoot?

    Hmm.  I would have expected it to print something more.  Try doing
    a verbose boot and see if you get any more information.

    EIO is an I/O error but it could also be due to a CRC check failure
    and not necessarily a hard I/O error from the disk.


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