binary packages for 2012Q1

Pierre Abbat phma at
Mon May 7 21:55:03 PDT 2012

On Monday, May 07, 2012 08:56:29 Pierre Abbat wrote:
> orc is required by gst-plugins0.10-base, which is required by swfdec, which
> isn't required by anything. I'm going to remove it and see what happens.

orc turned out to be required by a bunch of KDE programs.

===> Building for coreutils-8.13
/usr/pkg/bin/bmake  all-recursive
Making all in lib
/usr/pkg/bin/bmake  all-recursive
Making all in src
/usr/pkg/bin/bmake  all-am
  CCLD     who
  CCLD     users
  CCLD     uptime
  CCLD     stty
  CCLD     stdbuf
  CCLD     sort
sort.o: In function `sortlines':
sort.c:(.text+0x35bb): undefined reference to `pthread_create'
*** Error code 1

I'm continuing without upgrading orc or coreutils.

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