live usb freezes on boot

Mountpeaks northwoods at
Sat May 12 05:39:22 PDT 2012

Good day everyone, this is my first attempt at BSD 's, and I 'm already stuck)  So, I've created boot USB from .img file and trying to boot it. The boot process gets stuck at "ACPI FADT :SCI testing interrupt mode..." for like 20 min already. My machine is a laptop Lenovo thinkpad EDGE 13 ' . I can get to prompt but my keyboard does not work) I have a feeling that it is simply not supported which is sad.With verbose mode I get "ACPI FADT:SCI testing level/low 
IOAPIC:irq 9,gsi 9 edge/ high -> level/low"
Any tips on how to get it running? 

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