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On 28/06/12 17:59, Jelle Hermsen wrote:
> <massive snip>
> If you all do decide that monetary donations would be a good thing I
> would be happy to help out. A big chunk of my work is in e-commerce
> and ticket order systems, so I can definitely help out with the web /
> administration site. It wouldn't be too hard to set up recurring
> payments through PayPal and sent monthly receipts for those.
=2E..and here we have it!
The first step, through the list, is to establish exactly what resources
we have as far as expertise levels and types that are available, before
we even begin to start shopping for anything else.

My strengths are business structure and expansion consultancy.
Taking a broken model, rejuvenating it and making it productive.
Market assessment, product creation.
I have serious skills in regard to training and instructional design.

Who's next?
Forget the false modesty.
There's no money in it!

I hate Paypal, though.
The Australian government have requirements for client details that
Paypal feed back - in case my once per month payment of $3 for
is going toward funding 'terrorism'.
If I don't supply my 'details', my account may get cancelled, Paypal advi=
I have no problem with using a Visa card scenario though, even though
they also were part of the choke-hold on Wikileaks money.
We're all stuck with the credit society.
I just don't want to give my international transfer money to a pack of do=

What's the U.S. delineation on amounts classified as 'gifts'?
We could keep donations below that.


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