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On 28/06/12 10:43, Juan Francisco Cantero Hurtado wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 28, 2012 at 10:17:17AM +1000, David.Crosswell wrote:
>> On 28/06/12 09:33, elekktretterr at wrote:
>>>> You're right. I forgot about SFC.
>>> You see, there are ways. But even if DragonFly wanted to register as
>>> non-profit on it's own. Sure it's complex and time consuming, but it'=
>>> been _10_ years.
>> I'm not even sure why registering as a non-profit should be time
>> consuming or otherwise vexatious in any way.
>> I can register a company name on-line in about ten minutes.
>> Why is a non-profit so different?
>> Regards,
> You need:
> - Know the laws related to non-profits.
> - Fill the paperwork.
> - Create invoices for the enterprises.
> - Accounting.
> - Taxes.
> - Etc.
> You can create a company online but you can't _maintain_ the company
> without a hard work :)
And that is why you need the collective intelligence of the community.
Do we have an accountant on the list?
How about other levels/types of expertise?

Here's the format all laid out.
That's if that's the direction the community decide to go in.

It's a matter of filling out a few forms.
The costs, from what i recall of the Australian equivalent, are negligibl=
For incorporation, an election of officers is required - a minimum of
three and the President can't be the same person as the Treasurer.
There is also generally a committee requirement, but we could just throw
that open to the entire list, or create another list to conduct
investment or other discussion on.

For mine, an association is simpler and easier to incorporate.


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