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Mayuresh Kathe mayuresh at
Wed Jun 27 19:27:50 PDT 2012

On Thu 28/06/12 07:51, "Pierre Abbat" phma at wrote:
> On Wednesday 27 June 2012 20:40:38 
> elekktretterr at wrote:
> > Even considering that a non-profit registration
> is necessary?
> > Because majority of people, including me, consider
> donating for the
> specific reason of reducing personal
> taxes.
> > I'd rather pay $100 to DragonFlyBSD than to Uncle
> Sam.
> Matt, according to whois, is in California. I'm in North Carolina. Other
DragonFliers are in Germany, Greece, Spain, UK, or possibly other
> countries. 
What do the laws of other countries say about donating to American 
> non-profits?

well, as the one who initiated this thread, all i'd like to say is,
"it's not just for tax savings, it's more about believing in a project",
and at the same time, having some mechanism to keep donating even in the
worst of personal times. that is when the small recurring donations
scenario comes into play.


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