ntfs mount problems (dfly 3.0.2 + ntfsprogs)

Antonio Huete Jiménez ahuete.devel at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 15:24:37 PDT 2012

Hi Raimundo,

Do you think it is possible to try the copy using an internal HDD? So that  
we can discard any USB issue.

Also which program are you using to do the copy? Have you tried  
cpdup/rsync? Is there a consistency in the size of the files (ie. mp3s,  
movies) or is it completely random?

I would like to try to reproduce it myself to see if I can track it down.  
Otherwise, it would be quite hard to find it.

Antonio Huete

> On 20 June 2012 11:38, Sascha Wildner <saw at online.de> wrote:
>> Does CTL-ALT-ESC work to drop to ddb? If it does and you are at the db>
>> prompt, please do 'call dumpsys' and see if it dumps (numbers counting  
>> and
>> hard disk activity). When it goes back to db>, you can 'reset'. The dump
>> will then be written to /var/crash (kern.xxx and vmcore.xxx) when the
>> system comes up again.
> okey, noobing again... just replied to sascha, and now to all of us:
> Trying to copy again. This may take a while. But the test now have  
> another
> purpose, too: test to see if iostat could be blamed. In the other two  
> tries
> I have used iostat to see the ratio of MB/s in the transfer and guess  
> some
> time to finish it. My calcs returned about 17h of transfer... just around
> 4MB/s and floating a lot.
> Now, without iostat, I am able to see:
> . if it do not crash, there is a good chance that iostat is doing some  
> bad
> (I may repeat the test again)
> . else, test the CTL-ALT-ESC.
> And now, waiting... :)
> <update>
> Done!
> Again, the same issue: the system freezes. Tried to do the test without  
> my
> USB keyboard, used a PS/2 instead. Freezes into a state that neither the
> keyboard works, so the debugger does not show up.
> weird... 0_o
> I must try it with the USB HDD mounted in another machine and transfer  
> via
> ssh. But it is not that simple maintain another computer conected in my
> network for about 17h... all of them are notebooks, and just one is mine.
> Waiting for some another idea... I am very amateur in terms of kernel and
> drivers.
> thanks!
> raitech

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