a couple of things I dislike about BSD

John Marino dragonflybsd at marino.st
Mon Jul 23 01:21:18 PDT 2012

On 7/23/2012 02:39, Pierre Abbat wrote:
> 1. When I run bc, I frequently edit the previous line and make a change:
> 15/56
> .26785714285714285714
> a(15/56)
> .26171350240120506395
> a(15/56)*45/a(1)
> 14.99507912917598589467
> In Linux, I hit uparrow and edit the line. In DFBSD, I have to type the whole
> line again. This is, I'm sure, a license issue; the readline library in DFly
> is GNU readline. The bugs section says "Itâ??s too big and too slow," so why
> not write a BSD version that's smaller and faster?
> (The calculation relates to the upper slope of my future house's roof.)

That's a shell configuration issue, not a readline issue.  I edit 
previous commands just fine just as you suggest.  Pick the right shell 
and set it up via the .profile/.??rc/ etc files and it will work as you 

> 2. less in Linux saves the screen when it starts and restores it when it ends.
> In DFly it doesn't; it leaves a screenful of the file visible when it exits.

I've seen this via SSH but it doesn't do it the console.  I'm sure it's 
another config issue, but being lazy I just use cat and scroll backwards 
rather than taking the time to fix it.  :)


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