DragonFly GUI desktop at work - not bad at all

Stéphane Russell srussell at prodigeinfo.qc.ca
Fri Jul 20 14:04:05 PDT 2012

Carsten Mattner a écrit :
> On Fri, Jul 20, 2012 at 8:33 PM, Stéphane Russell
> <srussell at prodigeinfo.qc.ca>  wrote:
>> John Marino a écrit :
>>> On 7/20/2012 17:12, Stéphane Russell wrote:
>>>> Wojciech Puchar a écrit :
>>>>>> despite of an error message at startup is working fine, as long as
>>>>>> I'm not trying to configure it, since GConf is not working.
>>>>> just use windows manager like cwm or fvwm2+your own configuration.
>>>>> I for example use my 9 year old .fvwm2rc which results in cwm-alike
>>>>> environment.
>>>>> it's really easier to just run program you need (like openoffice
>>>>> writer, mail client, gimp etc.) instead of running bells and whistles
>>>>> like Gnome.
>>>>> I assume you need workstation (==computer to do actual work). Gnome
>>>>> nor XFCE nor KDE doesn't help in doing actual work.
>>>> I always try to use Gnome whenever possible, and fall back to XFCE when
>>>> it's not.
>>> It might be time to rethink that approach.  The gnome library version
>>> numbers are all mismatched.  Some are 2.24, others 2.26, others 2.32.
>>> Effectively they can't all be brought to the current level of glib2 due to
>>> the increasing amount of linux-only functionality there.  The days of Gnome
>>> on non-Linux might be numbered, at least modern Gnome...
>>> On the flipside, KDE has been compiling completely and all the modules
>>> have matching versions numbers.  Currently KDE 3.5 just lost regressed a
>>> module or two, but before that we had fully building KDE 3.5 and 4.8.x.
>>> XFCE has been building as well, but it's still on 4.6
>>> John
>> I think your right about this. Even the Illumos community complains about
>> this.
> Complaining is important, but contributing platform support patches
> (if you have the skills) would possibly be a better choice, wouldn't it?
I never complain, I only report bugs when I think it will be useful to 
someone. The Illumos community was the one who complained :-) Once I had 
all my time to myself, but with a full time job, 17 hours of train a 
week, a family and a house to maintain, please forgive the little left...

I did try to publish some useful packages but I'll have to seek for 
another computer to install a current version of DragonFly to succeed, 
otherwise my work gets completely obsolete before I publish it. I also 
tried to create a BSD group in french for my area, but people here are 
using Linux. I cancelled it for lack of interest.

Contribution for OpenSource should also be seeked in corporations like 
many I know, who are using tons of «free» OpenSource (and unlike me 
making money of it), never returning anything back to the community - 
even when I advise them that «free» is a relative word. That's the price 
of «freedom», sometime I don't blame Larry Ellison for closing Solaris 
even if it was unethical! Where were the tons of free Sun product users 
while Sun was on bankruptcy? Now, theses belongs to Oracle, pay!

DragonFly will have to focus on open requests to community and a 
donation button on it's portal to get more help. I know theses are tasks 
in progress.



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