seamonkey 2.10 from 2012Q2 pkgsrc build fails

Edward M martinezedward228 at
Fri Jul 20 01:15:42 PDT 2012

John Marino wrote:
> Firefox has several versions:
> www/firefox which changes a couple time of month (currently on version
> 14), this is hit and miss
> www/firefox10 which is locked in at firefox v10 and should always work
> www/firefox36 which is locked in at firefox 3.6 and also aways works.
> There are -l10n versions of all of them that usually build if the
> non-l10n version builds.
> anyway, in general, Seamonkey builds on DragonFly, it just happened to
> be in a bad state for Q2.  You can always switch to the trunk branch. 

  thanks for the info i will try different things to make it work, if 
not, then i will settle on a firefox.:-)

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