DragonFly GUI desktop at work - not bad at all

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
Thu Jul 19 23:10:08 PDT 2012

> despite of an error message at startup is working fine, as long as I'm not 
> trying to configure it, since GConf is not working.

just use windows manager like cwm or fvwm2+your own configuration.
I for example use my 9 year old .fvwm2rc which results in cwm-alike 

it's really easier to just run program you need (like openoffice writer, 
mail client, gimp etc.) instead of running bells and whistles like Gnome.

I assume you need workstation (==computer to do actual work). Gnome nor 
XFCE nor KDE doesn't help in doing actual work.

Check it out how is it to work normal way.

> be working fine. But I couldn't raise the volume because PulseAudio seems to 
> need HAL to do it, which is severely bugged.

tools like youtube_dl would make your life better - download and then 
play. And keep interesting movies on your disk so they will not disappear.

> It's been a long time since I could run a GUI desktop with DragonFly. On the 
> other hand, I still can't get my PF firewall to work with my DragonFly 
> server. I didn't have enough time to try to get some traces and report them

cannot help without any precise information.

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