DragonFly GUI desktop at work - not bad at all

Stéphane Russell srussell at prodigeinfo.qc.ca
Thu Jul 19 19:58:41 PDT 2012


Maybe we're not using the same pkgsrc version? I didn't upgraded from 
pkgsrc-2011Q4 since the beginning of 2012. I used this version to build 
my workstation, along with DragonFly v3.0.1-RELEASE. Theses versions 
where tested on my server, so I used them instead of trying the latest 


Edward M a écrit :
> Stéphane Russell wrote:
>> Seamonkey browser and mail (sorry, I'm old fashion: I'm dedicated to
>> Netscape since always
>   You got seamonkey to build from pkgsrc? mine stopped on a error when
>   I was trying to build.

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