Unable to mount hammer file system Undo failed

Francis GUDIN fgudin+dfly at bsdbellule.fr
Thu Jul 19 02:48:17 PDT 2012

Wojciech Puchar writes:

>>> not great.
>> This is not a hammer problem but a problem with the underlying disk. It
>> couldn't read from the disk - that is pretty much a file-system
>> independent problem; UFS would fail equally miserably.
> not true.
> it is very unlinkey case you will not be able to mount. you will not be 
> able to read everything.
> copying to new disks with skipping errors (dd conv=sync,noerror) and doing 
> fsck_ffs basically would recover everything that can be recovered.
> UFS use flat on disk structure. inodes are at known places.
> I don't know how HAMMER data is placed, but seems everything is dynamic.
> any link to description of HAMMER on disk layout?

Please, read hammer(8) (at the subcommand "recover").


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