machine won't start

Edward M martinezedward228 at
Tue Jul 3 17:58:03 PDT 2012

On 07/03/2012 02:15 PM, Carsten Mattner wrote:
> At that point I hit hard (cold) reset and since that time the machine
> won't leave the BIOS startup phase (POST?).
> Took out the CMOS battery for a minute to no avail. Anything else I
> should try? Is it possible that the ROM or CPU has been damaged by
> the installer? I can't even get into the BIOS via DEL.
> I'll take out the CMOS battery overnight and try tomorrow.
> Thanks for any help.
> .

     Sounds like identical problem i was having with my old intel based 
     After the first reboot, following an install, it would get stuck on 
the BIOS screen.
      i had to do. turn  off  the system, remove the hd, connect it on 
an another system and install
    another os, erasing dragonfly. reconnect the hd back to the laptop 
then the laptop would boot fine.

    unfortunately, i never found the solution, the hd pins were 
beginning to bend  from removing
    the hd alot  trying  to find a workaround.

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