Motherboard advice

Jelle Hermsen jelle at
Sun Jul 29 22:37:41 PDT 2012

Hiya everybody,
I'm going to build a new workstation and since I'll only be running Dragonfly I want to take this opportunity to get it right. I've been using laptops for years and I must admit I can't quite see the forest for the trees here. I know that I want to have ECC memory and I would love to have some kind of graphics chipset that just works without too much hassle (since I'll mostly be running a terminal in X). 

I really hope that you might give me a pointer on which motherboard works well for you. Frankly I'm not really opinionated on Xeons vs Opterons (yet) and a single socket board would be good enough for my purpose. I primarily want to get the motherboard right and then I'll just take it from there.  


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