Install problems

Jasse Jansson jasse at
Sun Jul 1 03:58:55 PDT 2012


I'm trying to install dfly on two different computers right now and it's not going well.

Case 1:

A 6-7 years old laptop (ASUS A6Km) just got an "Fatal trap 12" after a very long time exercising the cd drive.
I think the install-o-meter was at 56% when it happened.
The "fault code" says: supervisor write data, protection violation.
I have a picture of the screen if anybody want it.

Case 2:

I'm about to redo my server but the installer refuses to list my SSD boot drive.
Is this some sort of silent harassment of my 40G SSD for being too small ???
I tried to remove some disks in case the installer don't count enough drives but it didn't help.
This machine boots and runs OpenIndiana just fine from the 40G drive.

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