Is there a size limit of natacontrol?

Zenny garbytrash at
Mon Feb 27 08:03:34 PST 2012

Nope, it is not the partition size, I guess, but it is when I create
an RAID array of 4 HDDs with 2TB each like ar0 with 'natacontrol
create RAID10 128 ad4 ad6 ad8 ad10' And even when I specify the chunk
size of 128k (because I created 128k chunks in BIOS, it creates 64k
chunk only, a bug?)

DFBSDv3.0.1 could not see four drives as an array (but as separate
drives) although I created a RAID10 array in Sil3114 BIOS while

Or did I miss something? Mr. Sasha Wildner tried to help online, but
could not got further than that. Any help?

On 2/27/12, Alex Hornung <ahornung at> wrote:
> Hi,
> On 27/02/12 12:20, Zenny wrote:
>> I tried to create a RAID10 with natacontrol with 4 2TB HDDs, but it
>> only shows 2TB (1718306MB) size of ar0 created instead of 4TB.
> In principle there is no such limit that I'm aware of, apart from the
> MBR partition size limit. It all depends where you are seeing those 2
> TB. If it's a partition size, try using GPT.

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