Install DragonFlyBSD on 48 MB RAM

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Sun Feb 26 03:29:42 PST 2012

On Sun, 26 Feb 2012 12:01:18 +0100
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> Hi Vladimir:
> Zdrassviche!
> I do share your principles and try to do the same for preserving the
> environment and to counteract the growing cosumerism in the West. I
> was just talking about how powerful a s2 smartphone compared to the
> one that is used for the lunar mission in 1969 and voyager mission
> (32kb each).
  Hmm... Very interesting comparison! Especially taking into account
the public benefits from the Space missions and a smartphone in
contemporary society. Really good example! 

> >
> > P.S. Regarding your question about the value of my time in USD per
> > hour: I didn't bother to calculate it before your question, but now
> > it turns out to be as cheap as 0,85$ per working hour. :)
> Interesting figure. Do you work as sysadmin or something like that?
> Just curious!
  No, I only administrate my home PCs. All of my experience comes from
there. As for my daily work, it is not a secret, of course. I am a
physicist and I work as an assistant lecturer at the university.


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