Install DragonFlyBSD on 48 MB RAM

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Sun Feb 26 02:21:37 PST 2012


On Sun, 26 Feb 2012 11:28:01 +0200
McLone <mclone at> wrote:

> On Sat, Feb 25, 2012 at 22:00,  <v_2e at> wrote:
> ta sho ty paryshsya z tymy 48mb
> vykyn' cey hlam :-)
> vin tobi tilky svitla zhere tak,
> sho yakas' stara zaniuhana AMDshka
> abo p3 z normalnym keruvannyam zhyvlennyam
> i normalnym blokom zhyvlennya vzhe davno by
> okupylas' til'ky po zhyvlenniu.
> Hocha... Hiba p4 abo amd64x1 cymy dnyamy
> nerealno otrymaty v podarunok? navit' yaksho ty zhebrak.
> Ya dumaju sho realno.
> i she:
> Skil'ky vartue tviy chas?
> v $ za godynu
> skilky ty vytratysh v kw/h i chasi na borot'bu
> z cym hlamom i 48mb ram?
  Thanks for a just another  useful "buy new hardware" tip. ;)
  I know this PC is very old and that nowadays I can get more powerful
machine for as little as 0USD (or even 0UAH), but that's not the point.
I have several reasons to tinker with this one:
1. I have got it. So I do not have to go somewhere for another one.
2. I like when old junk hardware works.
3. Stuffing this small home server with a bunch of services yields some
useful skills of system tuning. It also gives a more clear idea of the
hardware capabilities actually needed for different applications.
4. I do not really care about consumed electricity at the moment,
because I pay a fixed price for my room which includes more or less the
maximum amount of energy I can consume. Anyway, a rough estimation of
consumed  electricity costs gives in my case ~6 USD per month.
5. Sometimes it may be also fun to tell people about the hardware you
run your services on. People often complain about the performance
problems they experience when running torrent-client with several
simultaneous downloads on their PCs. And when I tell them that I run a
torrent client with ~250 torrents on 64, 48, 32 MB of RAM, they usually:
    do not believe --> sh*t brix --> start thinking about their own
system tuning.
  Now that is what I consider useful.

  So this is not about "wise" usage for production of any kind, but
rather about "training", "gaining experience", "giving people good
examples", "testing", "finding the *real* miminum hardware
requirements" and having fun, of course :)

P.S. Regarding your question about the value of my time in USD per
hour: I didn't bother to calculate it before your question, but now it
turns out to be as cheap as 0,85$ per working hour. :) So spending some
free (or even working) time to read some documentation or to play with
some pieces of rusty iron does not cost me much. ;)


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