Paper size

Chris Turner c.turner at
Thu Feb 2 12:35:58 PST 2012

On 02/02/12 14:00, Pierre Abbat wrote:

> paperconf outputs "a4". Since both are set to A4, why do the apps insist on
> defaulting to Letter?

Because it is the 1 true paper size :D

j/k even though from the usa I prefer a4 anyhow ...

Seriously- the thing about unix printer setups and configuration tools is that
there are so many to choose from - some are going to use PAPERSIZE env var,
some will use paperconf, some will have their own (eg. gnome-print), etc.

Probably the printer is printing whatever raw data is given to it from the
application - so its likely in the program config rather than printer
setup config or one particular configuration tool.

Don't have any specific tips for these applications - but I'd check the docs
for the individual apps 1st.


- Chris

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