Request for suggestion (Ask Slashdot style) ;-)

Zenny garbytrash at
Thu Feb 23 01:54:13 PST 2012

v3.0.1 changelog is very intriguing!

I am trying to test v3.0.1 by installing to a CF with four advanced
format HDDs (of same size, 2TB each)

What I am planning is:

1) Install either the 64bit iso/img to a CF from a development machine
with msyslog/rsyslog
2) Boot from CF onto a machine with 4HDDs (4k sectored) and
3) Migrate the Data and config slices to the 4HDDs

I have a few questions before doing that:

1) What kind of tweaks are needed for 4k sector HDDs for HAMMER? Do I
need to tweak like for ZFS?

2) What are the partitions/slices that can be mounted on the 4HDDs
without affecting the boot process of DFBSD?

3) What RAID-level (for hardware RAID) is recommended for 4 HDDs
RAID10 or RAID5? Which would be faster in case of HAMMER?

4) How can I sync the configuration changes between PFS of HDD and CF?
Is there something like ramlog (linux)?

Thanks! Your hints would be much appreciated!

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