i386: assertion: z->z_NFree > 0 in _slaballoc / Abort trap (core dumped)

peeter (must) karu.pruun at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 10:02:25 PST 2012


When compiling /usr/pkgsrc/editors/kile on Dragonfly 3.2.1_i386 I get this error

assertion: z->z_NFree > in _slaballoc
Abort trap (core dumped)

This happens when building the 3rd or 4th dependency like kbproto, ie
kile -> automoc4 -> kbproto; the configure script for kbproto runs a
little and then fails. This happens for several dependencies. At the
same time, kbproto and other dependencies build fine when built
separately. I wonder if this could be the reason why kile (and
possibly others?) do not build in the bulkbuild?



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