Mount Ext3 under DragonFlyBSD

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Sat Apr 28 03:27:38 PDT 2012

On Fri, 27 Apr 2012 23:29:21 -0700
Edward M <martinezedward228 at> wrote:

>    It may need e2fsprogs?  Have you tried "e2fsprogs" from pkgsrc?
> "It provides the filesystem utilities for use with the ext2
> filesystem. <> It also
> supports the ext3 and ext4   filesystems."
Yes, I do have e2fsprogs installed. The problem is that the file system
on my HDD under question was created long ago under GNU/Linux OS. And
it has the 'sparse_super' flag turned on. It looks like it is
impossible to turn it off once the file system is created, and
DragonFlyBSD driver for Ext2 file system does not support this flag for
some reason. Is that so?


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