Install DragonFlyBSD on 32 MB RAM

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> On 03/06/12 05:24, v_2e at wrote:
> > And also, the question about kernel build failure remains - I would
> > appreciate any input on that case as well.
> Can you build GENERIC with a stock /etc/make.conf?
> If not, checkout a fresh source tree & try a clean build.
> if so - you'll need to be making your kernel config file
> available and any build flags used if you want someone to try
> to fix.
> This particular error looks to be related to changing the
> VISUAL_USERCONFIG and can be found fairly simply by checking
> the file in question at the line where the build fails -
> the entire function is ifdef'ed out based on this option..
> so - looks like this option is required most likely (I'm not 100%)
> Really - if you're making a custom kernel config and are changing
> options without checking what they do in the source tree - expect
> things to fail both in the build and while running, and expect to
> get your hands dirty - which means reading the source and finding
> out what the options do to the code.
  I managed to build my custom kernel by adding the string


to the file '/etc/make.conf'.
It built fine after that and now my system works with this kernel, but
I am still not sure whether such trick is acceptable or not. Could
somebody please shortly explain me the reasons for which warnings are
treated as errors by default and give some advice on whether I should
stick to such mode or not necessarily?


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