Intel vs AMD DragonFly 2.11 parallel kernel build tests

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Thu May 12 20:14:11 PDT 2011

    Here is a fun statistic.  For running a server 24x7 how many days
    do you have to run the Intel i7 vs the phenom II to make up for the
    $100 difference in the price tag?

    Using a generous 65W for the AMD and 33W for the intel, assuming
    a mostly idle server, and $0.25/kWh, you get $0.192/day savings
    with the i7.  With a $100 difference in price that comes to 520 days.

    So if you are running a server 24x7 that is mostly idle, the Intel-i7
    pays for its higher price in 520 days (a bit over 1.5 years).

    If you are running under load the i7 will pay for its higher price
    tag more quickly.  This is ignoring the lack of ECC issue with the
    i7 though, and a Xeon system will be more expensive.


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