Can DFly mount ext4?

Pierre Abbat phma at
Mon Jun 27 03:42:00 PDT 2011

On Monday 27 June 2011 01:02:45 Alex Hornung wrote:
> To keep it short, no. There might be some ext4 fs that it might be able
> to mount (with specific inode size, lacking all sorts of ext4 features,
> etc), but in the general case it's not possible.
> I'd recommend you grab your ubuntu CD, start the live system and fix it
> from there.

Any plans of making DFly able to mount ext4?

On Monday 27 June 2011 01:34:06 Freddie Cash wrote:
> At the grub prompt hit esc to get the grub menu. Then press the e key to
> edit the first entry. Add a 1 to the end of the line. Press enter to save
> the line then press b to boot.

I never got a grub prompt, I kept hitting esc and no menu came up. It just 

I burned a CD on the DragonFly box and fixed it that way.

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