Git core dumped during pkgsrc update. git.core being uploaded to leaf.

Siju George at
Mon Jun 20 01:07:10 PDT 2011


I have a fresh installation of Dragonfly on an Intel Core Quad to
experiment with pkgsrc bulk build.
While doing a git pull in /usr/pkgsrc my git coredumped :-(

Jun 20 11:11:58 blkbld-dfly kernel: pid 96675 (git), uid 0: exited on
signal 10 (core dumped)

Kernel Version is DragonFly v2.11.0.395.g15891-DEVELOPMENT

I am uploading  git.core to  crash/2011-06-20 on leaf.
It is a 504 MB file after 'bzip2 -9'  and will take 15 hrs it seems to scp.



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