SV: cannot mount disk with hammer file system

Úlfar Ellenarson uel at
Wed Feb 23 13:39:47 PST 2011

Hi Alex.
Here is a screenshot of /mnt/boot/loader.conf /mnt/dev/serno /mnt/dev/ad1s* and /mnt/etc/fstab sent as an attachment.

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The issue boils down to VirtualBox not having the same serial numbers for disks as vmware does. You should be able to figure out which one the right one is by listing the da* and ad* devices in /dev from a live CD. Alternatively, if VirtualBox supports
 disk serial numbers, doing ls /dev/serno will yield the information, as others have told you.

By the way, if you have attached screenshots, they definitely haven't arrived here Can you please repost them somehow, possibly on imageshack or so and providing a link?

Kind Regards,
Alex Hornung

On 23 February 2011 12:27, Úlfar Ellenarson 
<uel at> wrote:

HI Antonio.
Thank you for your posts and help.  I have taken a screenshot of the mounted etc/fstab or better said /mnt/etc/fstab and I have also ls –l /mnt/dev/serno.  The only thing is I have not looked
 into the loader.conf which I reckon is mostly likely either in /boot or /etc.  I think the problem is that dragonflybsd is not creating the devices upon boot because I have moved the system from vmware workstation 6.5 to virtualbox 4.04.  I have looked into
 the man 8 boot page, however there is considerably less information about dragonfly bsd on the web than linux.  I have converted linux physical machines using rsync, cpio, and netcat to vmware, but I have little experience with dragonfly.
Kind regards,
Úlfar Ellenson

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Hi Úlfar,

Boot the livecd and mount the disk where DFly is installed in, then provide this:

- Do a 'ls -l /dev/serno'
- fstab of the installed system (not the LiveCD)
- loader.conf from the installed system (it should be in the boot directory)

Antonio Huete

2011/2/23 Úlfar Ellenarson <uel at>

Added information regarding boot problem.
The message upon boot is:
Mounting root from hammer:serno/000000000000000000001.s1d
tryroot serno/0000000000000000000001.s1d
no disk named 'serno/00000000000000000000001.s1d'
hammer_mountroot: can't find devvp
boot mount failed:  6

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Subject: cannot mount disk with hammer file system

My first time posting on this list.   My problem in a nutshell is I installed dragonfly bsd 2.8 in vmware workstation.   I reinstalled the host system that vmware workstation was on and decided on using virtualbox.  I imported my dragonfly
 bsd vmware workstatation vmdk files into virtualbox.  Upon boot in virtualbox I run into the problem of mounting the disk.  I am prompted at the boot prompt to detect the disk that the system resides on.  I have tried hammer:ad0s1, hammer:ad0s1a, hammer:ad0s1d
 and just ad0s1.  I am however not able to boot the system.  I have also booted from the live iso image and mounted the system manually into /mnt using mount_hammer /dev/ad0s1a /mnt and took a screenshot of /etc/fstab.  I however ask if there is a simple way
 to fix my mount problem.  Any information needed in regards to solving this problem will be gladly appended.
kær kveðju/kind regards,
Úlfar Ellenarson
SAP ráðgjafi / SAP Consultant

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105 Reykjavík, Ísland
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