Can't mount my hammer filesystem

Charles Rapenne charles.rapenne at
Sun Feb 20 14:34:49 PST 2011

Thanks for your reply.

I don't remember if I installed it on a disklabel or a slice. I will
be able to know what I did once I get the usb flash disk with the
system and look at the fstab.

Hopefully, I didn't lose data because I did several backups before :-)

2011/2/20 Matthew Dillon <dillon at>:
> :Hi,
> :
> :So I deciced to format the master drive to install the system on and
> :then get back my data from the slave. But, that's not cool, when I try
> :to mount I get this message "Not a valid HAMMER filesystem".
> :
> :Did I destroyed the filesystem by installing the bootblock on both disks ?
> :Can I get my data back ? How ?
> :
> :I tried some commands unsuccessfully :
> :
> :# hammer -f /dev/serno/S1PZJ1DQ508109.s4 recover /media/dd2/
> :hammer: setup_volume: /dev/serno/S1PZJ1DQ508109.s4: Header does not
> :indicate that this is a hammer volume
>    s4 ?  Not s4d ?  Did you accidently install HAMMER directly on a slice
>    and not install it in a disklabeled partition?
>    Installing boot blocks would have wiped the header if you installed
>    HAMMER in a slice instead of a partition.
>    The hammer recover code needs information from the volume header at the
>    moment.  That's the only piece of the disk it needs to be able to do
>    a recovery scan.  It's a design bug that will require a media format
>    change to fix.
>                                                -Matt

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