How big is fully loaded?

Pierre Abbat phma at
Wed Feb 16 20:36:04 PST 2011

On Wednesday 16 February 2011 23:14:07 Pierre Abbat wrote:
> I was thinking, if I wanted /home to be encrypted, or shared with Linux on
> the same laptop, or both (LUKS is LUKS, right?), how much disk space should
> I allocate to everything but /home?
> I also saw lvm next to cryptsetup. Does it work the same way as in Linux?
> I've been using lvm since at least 2007.

Also, both ext2/3 and reiserfs have programs to resize them, after expanding 
or before shrinking the logical volume they're in. I don't see any similar 
programs for ufs or Hammer. How hard is it to write them?

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