installed Postfix, no periodic message

Chris Turner c.turner at
Wed Feb 16 08:03:18 PST 2011

On 02/15/11 22:24, Pierre Abbat wrote:
I installed Postfix, which provides a Sendmail compatibility program
at /usr/pkg/sbin/sendmail. The Sendmail binary was at /usr/sbin/sendmail. The
periodic jobs just ran, but I don't get the usual emails. How come? Do I have
to add /usr/pkg/sbin to the path in /etc/crontab?
I am as well reworking my mail setup to postfix -
and have found the following most useful: 
"original FreeBSD handbook"
our copy (haven't diverged too much)
some postfix specific stuff for freebsd - again, hasn't diverged
too much (kudos to M. Neumann for an 
excellent 'large scale mailsetup' using DF doc - good for pkgsrc

Big #3 items for the switch are:

- switch mailer.conf
- enable / disable appropriate rc.conf services
- enable / disable various /etc/periodic.conf jobs related to sendmail
  maintenance.  (personally need to review these to see
  what's applicable what isn't / write replacements)

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