How to tell where/how space is used?

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Mon Feb 14 12:48:11 PST 2011

    Not to mention the fact that I just upped the minimum UNDO/REDO fifo
    size to 500M to help deal with an overflow issue.  I may reduce the
    minimum to 300MB, but 100MB is just too small since most systems these
    days have at least 1GB of ram and on-media fifo use under stress tends
    to be related to the amount of ram on the box.

    HAMMER is not designed to be run on 2G partitions.  When it says that
    50G is the minimum it really means it.  You can get away with smaller
    sizes with care, e.g. I run HAMMER just fine on a 40G SSD, but I wouldn't
    go much below that.

    For small partitions, UFS is just fine.  UFS's fsck runs in just a few
    seconds on filesystems that small.


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