How to tell where/how space is used?

Krzysztof Langer klanger at
Sun Feb 13 23:10:42 PST 2011

Not that I'm an expert on hammerfs, but as I recall HAMMER reserves some 
space on hdd/ssd.

This is part of my output of the hammer info command:

Space information
	No. Inodes      92625
	Total size       219G (235476615168 bytes)
	Used              55G (24.99%)
	Reserved         376M (0.17%)
	Free             164G (74.84%)

So, this could be your 15%:

376M x 100% / 2G = +/- 18%


Dnia 14-02-2011 o godz. 6:39 Pierre Abbat napisał(a):
> I have a 2 GB Hammer partition, which I'm going to expand once I have a
> bigger
> disk to put it in. It *started out* 15% full. It's still 15% full; there's
> not much on it.
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