ad1 renumbered to ad0

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Wed Feb 9 18:24:55 PST 2011

:I just rebooted (after running into the "alt-ctrl-F1 hangs with beeper on" bug 
:again), went into the BIOS setup, and enabled audio and SATA (because my 
:friend is talking about getting a big SATA disk). On reaching cryptdisks, it 
:said "device ad1s1e is not a luks device". I checked /dev/ad* and found that 
:it's now ad0. Some months ago, when I upgraded the kernel on the laptop, ad0 
:changed to ad1. What's going on?

    Device probe order can change due to BIOS adjustments, which is why
    you should always reference your disk drives by their serial number
    instead of by the device name & unit number.

	ls /dev/serno

	dmesg | less    <--- look for the device, it should also print out
			     the serial number nearby.

    For example, on one of my machines the swap partition is:


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