Can't mount my hammer filesystem

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sun Feb 20 17:13:17 PST 2011

:Thanks for your reply.
:I don't remember if I installed it on a disklabel or a slice. I will
:be able to know what I did once I get the usb flash disk with the
:system and look at the fstab.
:Hopefully, I didn't lose data because I did several backups before :-)

    Ok, if the data is important we *can* recover it, so don't throw it
    away, but it might require you making the whole image available to me.

    I would need to add another option to the hammer recover directive to
    supply the missing info (if the volume header is truly blown away) and
    experiment a bit to figure out what the offset is in the image.

    I've been meaning to add the option for a while now but that isn't the
    real problem.  The real problem is that the volume header contains a
    single piece of info, the data zone offset relative to the base of the
    hammer filesystem, and it's a bit non-trivial to 'guess' it.


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