Packages for pkgsrc-2010Q4 built

Justin C. Sherrill justin at
Fri Feb 4 20:31:07 PST 2011

The uploads are finally complete for binary packages on Avalon.  I think
each of the package-building machines crashed at least once during the
process, but thanks to Matt and Mike and others, they were restarted/fixed

I've changed the links on avalon, so pkg_radd for DragonFly 2.8 and
DragonFly 2.9 will now download pkgsrc-2010Q4 packages.  There's lots of

i386/DragonFly-2.8/pkgsrc-2010Q4     9406
i386/DragonFly-2.9/pkgsrc-2010Q4     9406
x86_64/DragonFly-2.9/pkgsrc-2010Q4   8900
x86_64/DragonFly-2.8/pkgsrc-2010Q4   8917

If you get errors asking for a new pkg_install, see the "Update pkgsrc
system packages" section on the pkgsrc page on the DragonFly BSD site:

(Even if you don't, it's still good information.)

I haven't tested this too heavily, but it may be possible to upgrade
packages automagically with 'pkg_radd -uv <packagename>'.  This may work
better with packages that have less dependencies.  i.e. upgrading Vim may
work, all of KDE won't.

Make sure that your /usr/pkgsrc is on the pkgsrc-2010Q4 branch so that
everything matches.  Check with 'cd /usr/pkgsrc; git branch'.  If you're
on an earlier branch, switch with 'git branch pkgsrc-2010Q4; git pull'. 
(I think; someone correct me if it's wrong.)  If you're on pkgsrc master,
stick with it unless it's from before 2011, in which case switching to
pkgsrc-2010Q4 won't be any trouble.

About pkgsrc-current:  I'm cobbling together a system to build
pkgsrc-current on DragonFly-current.  Max Rotvel kindly contributed a CPU,
and the last item I need now is some DDR2 RAM.  If you're willing to
donate 2x 2G sticks, please mail me.

(I've been building pkgsrc-current on a VM very nicely contributed by Jan
Lentfer.  However, I'd like to have something I can physically reach when
it has trouble, and has a bit more horsepower.)

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