Chris Turner c.turner at 199technologies.com
Sat Aug 20 04:06:43 PDT 2011

On 08/20/11 05:53, Chris Turner wrote:
As the pptp package is the client
only one, this is the one you'll need to use - the freebsddiary
post is a bit confusing because it defines the pptp configuration
file as ppp.conf - however, whatever the file is called it needs
to be called using the pptp program.
ach -

looks like I misread your output - you did call pptp which called
pppd and had some errors.
This could be a few factors -

1: pptp is compiled from pkgsrc - which might mean it is
   expecting a netbsd pppd underneath instead of the freebsd->dragonfly
    one we have (need to check  freebsd4/freebsd-now/netbsd pppd manual pages / code)
2: pppd has drifted w/r/t pptp or the other way around and pkgsrc needs updating,
   (need to check pptp manual pages / code )
3: ...
To get this moving in the right direction, you might want to try
setting up a spare freebsd box with ports or a netbsd box with
pkgsrc, get the pptp link working, and try to figgure out the
possible pppd and pptp differences on dragonfly that are keeping
this from working - aka, you might need to port/update pppd or pptp,
or pkgsrc, or 1/2/both/all, etc to the current state of affairs on
This is why I keep sources for all BSD's handy for troubleshooting purposes :D
Alternately you might just want to try SSH port forwarding if you can SSH to
the remote end :D
if anyone has a working PPTP setup this would be an excellent time to chime in :D

cheers again and good luck.

- Chris

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