arpresolve: can't allocate llinfo for rt

Ralf Schmitt ralf at
Thu Aug 11 06:54:45 PDT 2011

Justin Sherrill <justin at> writes:

> Maybe check 'arp -a', and see if there's more than one machine
> configured with that IP?

arp -a says:

| ( at 00:19:db:cd:fc:67 on re0 [ethernet]
| ( at (incomplete) on re0 [ethernet]
| ? ( at 00:18:f3:08:30:16 on re0 [ethernet]

(the local machine uses I'm pretty sure there's no other
machine using that IP).

while removing the network cable from the machine, I now even got a
kernel panic and debugger prompt. Are there any docs on how to report

The error is something like (hand transcripted):
| panic: rtrequest1_msghandler: rtrequest table error was not on cpy #0
| cpuid = 4
| Trace beginning at frame 0xffffffe08d6f3b70
| panic() at panic+0x1ed
| panic() at panic+0x1ed
| rtrequest1_msghandler() at rtrequest1_msghandler+0x130
| rtable_service_loop() at rtable_service_loop+0x2c
| Debugger("panic")
| CPU4 stopping CPUs: 0x00000002f
| stopped
| Stopped at Debugger+0x39: movb $0,0x60d6d6(%rip)
| db>


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