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Unknown Unknown
Sat Aug 6 07:52:01 PDT 2011

The first one looks good, just remove a snapshot link (softlink to
transaction ID).
The second one also looks good, just remove a snapshot by it's
transaction ID for the current PSF.

But the third one will remove anything that is a link. So running the
following command, will remove the PFS /pfs/test.
  hammer snaprm /pfs/test 0x0000040

If I understand the code correctly, then /pfs/test is always removed,
also if the transcation ID is invalid.

I'm not quite sure if my understanding is right, but if I think this is
a bug. Before calling remove() to remove the link it should be checked
if the link is a softlink to a transcation ID, and only then it should
be removed. Or did I miss something?

Thanks a lot.


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