Recover slave PFS

Sven Gaerner sgaerner at
Sat Aug 6 04:57:14 PDT 2011


I use an external hard disk as simple backup solution to mirror-copy
some PFS. Unfortunately I made a mistake when playing with snapshots
and "hammer snaprm". I should have read the manual page better. ;)
I run
 $ hammer snaprm /mnt/pfs/slave-pfs 0x0001123
where 0x0001123 was a valid transcation ID, listed by "hammer snapls".

After that call the slave PFS is gone. When running df it seems that the
space is still allocated. I wonder if it is possible to recover the PFS
without running mirror-copy to copy all the stuff again? If not, how do
I reclaim the used space? Can I run "hammer recover" on that mounted
device to get a valid pointer to a transaction ID?

I also tried "hammer history" to find a revision that include the PFS,
but wihtout luck.

For testing purposes I created a slave PFS and then issue the above
mentioned call again. Also if using an invalid transcation ID the PFS
is removed.

I'm running the 2.10 release version updated to latest 2.10 HEAD.

Thanks a lot.


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