David Crosswell david.crosswell2 at
Fri Apr 22 17:19:07 PDT 2011

Yes, I understand that. I'm looking forward to doing something with
Hammer, but I've spoken to a couple of guys at the local Users group
who swear they'll never use anything else but ZFS - got it running on
FreeBSD and I looked at Dragonfly with UFS and Hammer and thought with
ZFS they'd have every scenario covered.

Linux is working to incorporate ZFS compatibility into the kernel, and
even with various filesystem developers looking at substantial jail
sentences for killing their wives, they've still got an over abundance
of filesystems.

It's going to have to wait for a while before I learn C then.

David Crosswell.

On 23/04/2011, Justin Sherrill <justin at> wrote:
> It's certainly possible.  Nobody's working on it right now, to my
> knowledge.  I'm more interesting in seeing Hammer grow, so I'm not
> that concerned about it.
> On Fri, Apr 22, 2011 at 5:03 PM, David Crosswell
> <david.crosswell2 at> wrote:
>> I understand the availability of UFS and Hammer in the Dragonfly
>> environment, but is ZFS possible, or are there any plans to facilitate it
>> if
>> it isn't?
>> Regards,
>> David Crosswell.
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 In a world without walls and fences, what need have we for Windows or

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